Homeschooling Why and How

About Gail Nagasako

Gail NagasakoWe hadn’t really planned to homeschool.  It just evolved from our seeing our son thriving outside of the confines of school. I evolved, too, gradually letting go of my indoctrinated ideas about education.  I founded a support group for homeschoolers, and later an alternative school. I wrote articles for local newsletters, newspapers, and national magazines, and compiled a booklet on homeschooling, which the Hawaii State Library System reprinted for their system.  I counseled parents who found me online or were referred to me by the county schools and libraries.

Our son’s only schooling was three semesters of high school.  He got nearly all As but was frustrated by the wasted time in the classrooms.  He left to create his own business (, and I went back to substitute teaching. I was dumbfounded with what I saw, and it confirmed what I had been hearing from distraught parents all along—school is too often no place for children. I kept fielding phone calls and emails and finally realized that I had to share more broadly what I had learned about homeschooling and how to do it. Thus, this book was born.