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Books on Dogs and Horses

Alpine Publications publishes non-fiction books on dogs and horses, and it has come to our attention that the information in our books could be useful to you and your homeschooling organization. Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling magazine publisher suggested that you might have an interest in including information about animals in your curriculum.

We highly recommend a particularly relevant book for young people that will help them improve their interaction with animals, ‘A Dog is a Dog’. It is a juvenile non-fiction book in which middle school kids will learn all about canines: behavior, communication, how dogs came to be man’s best friend, how breeds developed, how to play with and train a dog, plus the dog’s amazing senses and capabilities. Kids will learn how to avoid actions that could threaten a dog, to read warning signs of aggression and approach a dog safely-a major factor in preventing dog bites. Throughout, Rutherford takes a fun, playful approach to getting kids to appreciate and enjoy their pets.

Click here to find more information on this book on their website.

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