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College for Homeschoolers: Udacity Courses

 College for Homeschoolers:  Udacity Courses

I saw this on a TV show the other day — a Stanford University professor started putting his lectures on-line for anyone to see/listen to.  He ended up with many of his enrolled and paying students attending his on-line lectures rather than in person.  Now he has resigned from Stanford to focus on bringing  you these lectures.  Article below from Tech Crunch.

Ex-Stanford Teacher’s New Startup Brings University-Level Education To All [TCTV]

Ben Tseitlin
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Using Khan Academy as inspiration, Sebastian Thrun decided to bring his Stanford class on artificial intelligence online. Anyone could sign up for free. And 160,000 people from around the world did. He saw the power of creating interactive lectures and distributing them for free. He left Stanford and launched Udacity, a company focused on bringing free university-level education to the world.  For full article and a video, click here.

Text below is from their website.

Enroll in any Udacity class for free!

Below is a list of our current course offerings. All of our courses are open enrollment, which means you can sign up any time and complete the course at your own pace without homework or quiz deadlines. For our premiere courses, a new unit will be posted once every week starting the 25th of June, for seven weeks. If a premiere course has already started, you are still encouraged to sign up for the course and complete it at your own pace.

We offer a final exam for all courses every eight weeks. After passing the final exam Udacity will send you a certificate of completion for your course. If you have any questions about courses or scheduling read more here.

These courses require little or no previous experience.

Intro to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine (CS101)

Taught by David Evans

In this course you will learn key concepts in computer science and learn how to write your own computer programs in the context of building a web crawler.

Intro to Physics: Landmarks in Physics (PH100)

Taught by Andy Brown and Jonathan Burket

PREMIERE!Course begins June 25th! Study physics abroad in Europe — virtually! Learn the basics of physics on location in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, by answering some of the discipline’s major questions from over the last 2000 years.

Introduction to Statistics: Making Decisions based on Data (ST101)

Taught by Sebastian Thrun and Adam Sherwin

PREMIERE!Course begins June 25th! Statistics is about extracting meaning from data. In this class, we will introduce techniques for visualizing relationships in data and systematic techniques for understanding the relationships using mathematics.

Intermediate Courses

These courses require some previous experience in the field of study. If you’re trying out computer science, check out CS101 (in the beginning section) to get started.

Click here for complete list.

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