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Failure and education

Failure is Not a Bad Option is the subtitle of September 10, 2012 Education article.

The article starts off, “People have been raising children for about 2 million years now. You’d think the enterprise would have lost its novelty. Yet so much drama surrounds the contemporary act of bringing up offspring, with tiger moms squaring off against free-range parents, that it’s a wonder we don’t all remain childless merely to avoid wading into the fray.”

I found this interesting:  “But now there’s a trickle of thought that says academic ability may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Rather than so much focus on cognitive skills, some heretics suggest, a little more grit is what kids really need…..A family therapist to wealthy Californians, Levine spent years counseling youngsters whose high academic performance had left them mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically frail.”

Much is said against the emphasis on grades and homework and for focusing on values and character traits, something most homeschoolers share as the backbone of their daily activities.

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