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Homeschoolers getting GED or entering college

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For Homeschoolers getting GED or entering college, here are the Hawaii rules:

Must be 16 years old, have a transcript for one semester of high school or have a 4140 and one semester of homeschooling, an approved ID, and parents to fill out forms and give permission.

For the GED, the student can study on his/her own and there are great books that provide self-study and practice tests.  When ready, he or she can go take the test, which costs $150. The GED is a high school diploma and can be presented as such.  The other important thing to know is the it is norm-referenced against a cross-section of U.S. students graduating from high school.  What that means is that a score can be compared to a grade point average of all U. S. schools.  A student scoring in the top 10% on the GED, for example, would be equivalent to a g.p.a. of the top 10% of graduating seniors across the U.S.

Or the student can simply go into the adult education office and take a placement test for $5 and if needing more study, enroll in the classes they offer.  These come to approximately $120 total.  When ready, the student takes the test.   The Maui Community Adult School’s phone number is (808) 873-3082.

For early entrance to college, the student just takes a placement test.  If the student is a high school freshman or sophomore, an interview is required.  A GED or other high school diploma is not required!  University of Hawaii, Maui College phone number is (808) 984-3500.

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