Homeschooling Why and How

Homeschoolers question conventional wisdom

Homeschoolers question conventional wisdom — that’s what led us to bucking the system and educating our kids in a way that most people wonder about.  I have found the lyrics below ring more and more true for me.

Lyrics from “When We Were Younger” by Soja

When I was younger, I had the answers.

I’ve gotta say, all of my answers, now that I’m older

Turning into questions in front of me.

Some points I think are important:

  1. Question everything.
  2. When something isn’t working, do something else.
  3. Realize there are no guarantees.

 Some conventional wisdom to consider questioning:

Kids need school to learn to socialize

Kids need teachers to motivate them

Kids need teachers with a lot of teacher training

Kids need to keep up with their peers

Kids need to be able to read by 3rd grade

Kids need good grades to get into good colleges

Kids need more hours of schooling to get a real education

Starting school early in the morning gets learning off to a good start.

We need to make sure our kids can recite the alphabet before kindergarten.

Good textbooks are the key to a good education.

Parents don’t have enough training to teach children.

Kids need to go to school to get good jobs.

There is a right way to parent and a right way to teach.

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