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Homeschooling and high school

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Homeschooling and high school

For you homeschoolers whose kids might want to try high school — our son had not been to school except for a tour at 13 at which time he saw school as a total waste of time.  Then he toured again at 15, which I encouraged, since I felt part of a well-rounded homeschool education would include knowing what school really was like.  He decided to go but wasn’t interested jumping through all the hoops necessary for a diploma.   I knew that, if not homeschooling, our laws require compulsory ATTENDANCE, not compulsory working toward a diploma.  So we insisted that our son be allowed to take classes he saw of value and without regard for “required” and “electives” — they were all his choice.  The school personnel were taken aback but had no legal standing so he got to choose his classes.   We actually didn’t know if he’d stay a week, a month or a year — it was up to him.  It was a great experience but after starting the second year, he felt he was being held back from life and quit and got his GED and went on to be a very successful entrepreneur and professional athlete, traveling all over the US and Europe to compete.  So check your state laws as you might find high school a good resource (he took Japanese and drama, for example) without the nuisance of sitting through boring or useless classes or ones you could teach better at home in a fraction of the time!

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