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Homeschooling College Free!

Homeschooling College Free!
Homeschooling college is about to become free and accessible to all!  A Forbes article, M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All, has just announced that MIT is readying a program that will enable people from all academic backgrounds to demonstrate mastery of a wide range of subjects and be certified for them!  The certification will be under a new, non-profit body created under an existing free on-line program, Open Course Ware, so while it won’t give a college degree, it will give students a wide range of college experiences (on-line collaboration, laboratories and assessments, etc.).  The certification will provide verifiable proof of skills that will be helpful to anyone looking to improve their value in the jobs market.

Homeschoolers familiar with this site and its resources already know about The Khan Academy, which provides an in-depth on-line, self-paced education for grades K-12.  This article has other resources for homeschoolers to acquire on-line educations from prestigious organizations.  The article another notable “homeschool college” site:  Academic Earth.  This just may be how the factory model of school is made obsolete!

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