Homeschooling Why and How

Homeschooling moms / career moms

I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 tonight and a commentator said Santorum  believed that women should stay home and homeschool and not have careers.  The implication was that mothers who choose to homeschool are just some stereotypical sheltered little women with no life outside their school rooms at their kitchen tables.  Whether it’s a career or volunteer work or exploring life with their children, the homeschooling mothers I have known have been involved in life beyond their homes and have done anything but “stay home.”  Perhaps the term “stay at home mom” needs to be retired along with the term “homeschooling.”  For most of us don’t “stay at home” and our children are not just “schooling at home.”  We and our children are more likely living rich lives with home as our base and the world as the learning environment for ourselves and our children.  I don’t know what terms would fit better, but I do know the stereotype doesn’t fit.

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