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How to Help a Homeschooled Child with Anxiet

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by Helen Pollard

Anxiety is a condition affecting millions of people across the globe. Far from being an exclusively adult problem, it also affects one in eight children, which can lead them to perform worse in their schoolwork, or stop them from engaging in meaningful social experiences. Anxiety is also considered a risk for substance abuse, which is why it is vital to nip the problem in the bud.

Anxiety involves far more than having a panic attack – some sufferers live in a state of constant worry; others can have frequent episodes during which they feel dizzy, fear they are going crazy, or feel like they are about to faint. Anxiety can sometimes be so debilitating that children do not feel like leaving the home; above all, they can worry about having a panic attack outdoors, and feel safer in familiar surrounds.

Homeschooling in itself can greatly benefit children with anxiety, since they enjoy the security that being near their parents guarantees. If you are homeschooling your child and you are battling anxiety together, these tips may be of help:

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