Homeschooling Why and How

How to Homeschool

I can’t really do justice to this question in a few words as it took 50 pages of my book, Homeschooling:  Why and How,  to do that (not counting maxims, resources, and some favorite quotes).  But in a nutshell:  you can use a store-bought curricula, you can create your own, or you can see what life presents (unschool).  I flesh out each of these in the book, including our self-designed curricula for various ages but give more detail on unschooling, including “Our Not-Back-to-School Education” and “A Day in the Life of an Unschooler.”  I also have some pieces written by parents and youngsters, some still homeschooling and some grown up, so you can see how others did it.

By the time we are done, we will all have done a little of everything at some point.  I think most homeschoolers have used a worksheet or workbook, have written out a list of things to learn or have ditched their plans because something interesting to do came up.  We used to rollerblade and bodyboard or hike on nice days, study or read on rainy days (doesn’t take long to get more done than schools take forever to do), with lots of field trips and crafts and such thrown in.

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