Homeschooling Why and How

John Taylor Gatto (endorser of Homeschooling: Why and How) quote

John Taylor Gatto quote
“As far as I can figure, any success I had as a schoolteacher came from what my mother, my father, my family, friends and town taught, not a single thing I remember about Cornell and Columbia, my two colleges, not from any findings of institutes of child study or directives from departments of education. If I’m correct, then this insight is more significant than it may appear. The immense edifice of teacher instruction and schooling in general rests on the shaky hypothesis that expert intervention in childhood produces better people than might otherwise occur. I’ve come to doubt that.”

page 198, THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY OF AMERICAN HISTORY, by John Taylor Gatto, three-time New York City Teacher of the Year, New York State Teacher of the Year and I am proud of the fact that the only book on homeschooling he has endorsed is Homeschooling: Why and How. (available at for $11.95 inc US shipping and from on Amazon (print and eBook) & B & N.


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