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“People who have been irrationally restricted become preoccupied with the things that have been tabooed…and develop a neurotic preoccupation for them.”

— From Child Rearing   by Daniel Greenberg

“Any area of interest can lead into ALL subjects and knowledge. For example, a child who seems interested only in marbles can do math by counting, figuring percentages of each design, costs per unit, chart possibilities of outcomes; he can practice his reading, he can learn the history of them, the chemistry of the materials, the glassing process, geographic locations of the materials used, marketing strategy; he can design his own as an art project; and, he can do it all to music. Any one of these will lead into others…The again, maybe the child just wants to play, and that’s OK too.”

— Gail Nagasako

“Play is the work of childhood: It is as real and as important to a child as a career is to the parent…no youngster plays just to while away the time. It is through play that he begins to comprehend how things work. A child’s play is motivated by his inner processes, desires, problems and anxieties of the moment. No play should be prohibited”

Bruno Bettleheim

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