Homeschooling Why and How

More Rave Reviews of Homeschooling: Why and How

It is these rave reviews, many unsolicited, of Homeschooling:  Why and How that make my day!  I wrote the book to help other families with the school/homeschool dilemma and knowing I am helping is almost as good as my own experience homeschooling our son.

Here is a quote from St. Louis Homeschool Examiner review:  If you currently homeschool and have found yourself in the doldrums wondering if you’re doing it well, Homeschooling Why and How by Gail Nagasako will inspire you to keep going.  If you are new to homeschooling and are asking if it is for you, this new book will answer your questions and give you first-hand glimpse into what real homeschoolers (both parents and students) have to say about their experience.  Click here for full review.

And from Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool:

This book has helped re-ignite a spark of excitement and a sense of confidence that I have made the right decision with my children.

Click here for full review.

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