Homeschooling Why and How

More unsolicited praise of Homeschooling: Why and How

More unsolicited praise of Homeschooling:  Why and How

(names have been omitted)

Hi! I’m almost through reading…On chapter 3.  (of 3:  Why, How and What Next?)
Absolutely love how you’ve stood up to the so called experts on education and how the school system is designed to move the kids like cattle.

Just today as I dropped my daughter off at her high school, we saw a bunch of kids having a field day across the school smoking cigarettes.
We also saw a high school couple kissing each other as if they were in their bedroom.
We saw girls with shorts that barely covered their behinds. Unbelievable.

When I read your son’s account of what he witnessed at school, it brought back memories of a visit I made to my son’s 7th grade class,  think it was Japanese class.
It was chaos, just like your son described. There was a lot of work I had to do at home with him to get him to pass that class.
As I’m reaching the end, I’m having mixed emotions. Haven’t wavered on what I want to do….it’s the hoop jumping that I know I’ll need to do (like ask my job to allow me to relocate & work from home. The other bigger piece is with my x-husband). So I really don’t want to reach the end of the book!

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