Homeschooling Why and How

Parents’ Need for Stimulation

Working parents always talk about how they need the “stimulation” of adults and how kids require too much attention.

As a full-time home-manager-mother, I’ve found kids to be wonderfully stimulating and that they return many times over the attention they’re given. I wouldn’t want to spend my days inside an office dealing with computer screens, papers and phones, talking about “high powered” subjects like the bottom line or products or patients or competitors. I much prefer to be with my son, hand-in-hand, outdoors, looking at bugs and trees and sunsets and passing showers chased by rainbows, discussing why clouds have flat bottoms and whether there’s life elsewhere in the universe and learning about love and what is life really all about.

I can fit in reading, writing, conversation and community work, but I’ve found that my relationships within the family are by far my most satisfying experiences. The secret to job fulfillment is, I think, to surrender or, as Mother Teresa put it, “Do small things with great love.”

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