Homeschooling Why and How

Review of Homeschooling: Why and How by Susan Kilbride

Homeschooling Why and How
By Gail Nagasako
Review by Susan Kilbride

I was just given the opportunity to review Homeschooling Why and How, and I am very impressed! The book is divided into three basic parts: Why Homeschool?, How to Homeschool: The Basics, and What Next?. My absolute favorite section was the first one–Why Homeschool?. Right from the start, even in the Preface, Gail has put into words all of my thoughts through the years on why I love homeschooling. If anyone out there is wondering why so many of us have chosen to teach our children at home, they should read Gail’s book.
The next section, How to Homeschool: The Basics, answers many of the questions that beginning homeschoolers might have, such as: how to get started, is it legal?, or what about college?. This chapter will be particularly interesting for beginning homeschoolers who need a bit of guidance to get started.
The final section, What Next? concludes the book and has some interesting excerpts about homeschooling and education.
I found Homeschooling Why and How an interesting read with a wealth of information for anyone who is considering homeschooling, wonders why people homeschool, or would like to re-affirm why they themselves homeschool.
Ms. Kilbride is author of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers  and Our America….The Pilgrim Adventure,

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