Homeschooling Why and How

Review of Homeschooling: Why and How

Here is the first independent review of my book:

Review of Homeschooling:  Why and How

Fran Lewis: reviewer
(I need to begin by saying that I taught for over 30 years in the NYC Public Schools in the same school as a reading and writing staff developer and a specialist working with children with learning problems.)

This is a long review which concludes:
Whether you decide to try home schooling or whether you are skeptical and need to be more informed and are not sure this is one book that is well documented, well researched and a great resource that will definitely assist in helping you decide the path you want to take for your children and the type of educational programs you want them to experience. There is no right or wrong in this. It is up to you to decide and up to you to make sure that your child is educated whether at home, in a public or private school setting or a combination of both when the time feels right.

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