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Review of How to Teach Electricity for Ages 8 – 13

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“How To Teach About Electricity for Ages 8 – 13″

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Right out of the gate, reading the materials list of mostly household items captivated my attention.  What will we be doing with clothespins and wool and marbles in the study of electricity, I wonder.

Then the first bit of information is an explanation of static electricity.  I have experienced this all my life and never knew what it was!  Now I do and it’s got my mind animated thinking about how this applies to other things in our lives.

And onto the first experiments, which are like magic tricks!  The text and experiments flow in a logical way, starting with the materials you will need for each, text and illustrations on how to set it up and a clear explanation of the principle involved.

Next I learned how light switches work…I’m not the only one out here who didn’t know that, am I?

You and your kids will have so much fun with this book!   I wish this and Ms. Kilbride’s other books had been available when I was homeschooling!  Be sure to check them out and the free downloads on her website:

Now you’ll have to excuse me – I’m going to learn about electricity and magnetism, something else that has always baffled me.



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