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Review of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers by Susan Kilbride

Review of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers by Susan Kilbride

My guess is that one subject many parents and teachers feel least able to teach is science.  Parents, because they may lack the knowledge of what and how to teach.  And teachers, because of the limitations of a classroom for active hands-on activities.  Ms. Kilbride’s book covers all the important basics of science and includes age-appropriate activities for each.  From dinosaurs to the parts of an eyeball, from the solar system to characteristics of molecules, from insects to the periodic table – you will find your entire science curriculum here.

Each section starts with a materials list so the parent/teacher can be fully prepared from the outset.  Then there is the theory and activity section and at the end, a multiple choice test to help find the areas that might need more attention. The units are designated by ages (4-7 and 8-13) but one could easily start out an older child with the beginning units.  And even adults will enjoy and benefit from revisiting subjects they likely didn’t really grasp or have forgotten from their school days. This is not a book just to read, though that could be done.  It is a book to do! 

Her website even has downloadable sample chapters, one on plants and one on atoms and molecules.

Atoms & Molecules for ages 8-13:

Plants for ages 3-7:

Science can (and I think should) be the most interesting subject we can study and probably the most important for it covers the world we encounter every day of our lives.  Yet so many leave school feeling it is hard or boring.  Ms. Kilbride’s book will show them it is neither.  It is fascinating, fun, exciting and full of discovery.

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