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Homeschooling and Discipline

Excerpt from the PET section: “The Terrible Dangers of Discipline” by Thomas Gordon

(He’s using the definition “punishment by one in power in order to bring about obedience.” And I post this because schools use this to get kids to do school work / homework and some homeschooling parents try.  Schools give grades, flunk students, threaten failure in life.  Homeschooling parents might try such things as taking away privileges,  threatening to put kids back in school and various rewards for doing school work)

“Rewards and punishments give people power and power is the basis for their position of authority over others. Consequently, when parents say they use their authority in disciplining kids, they mean they make use of rewards and punishments. They offer (or promise) rewards to get the behavior they want from their children, and they inflict (or threaten to inflict) punishment to get rid of behavior they don’t want. Sounds easy, doesn’t it.

“In practice, however, disciplining children through rewards and punishment is not nearly as easy as it sounds. There are pitfalls for the parent and some can be quite dangerous and destructive for the parent-child relationship.

“In the first place, parents are inevitably going to run out of power….”

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