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Time Magazine review of movies, “Hunger Games” and “Bully”

In their April 2 issue, Time Magazine compared the films, Hunger Games, and Bully  and commented on our culture.  Hunger Games, a fictional story which has realistic violence of children killing one another, got a PG-13 rating so kids can see it.  Bully,  a documentary made to teach children about bullying, received an R rating for profanity according to the article though the yahoo site now has it as “unrated”.  Hunger Games broke box office records.

While it is mind-boggling to me that it’s considered ok to expose kids to violent acts but “protect them” from profanity, the saddest part of the article is near the end where the comment turns to schools.  “Some footage in Bully indicates that schools do little–and care less. “Boys will be boys,” says , director of administration for the Murray County, Georgia, schools at a town hearing on Tyler Long’s death. “They’re just cruel at that age.”

Not homeschoolers!   In our homeschool group (and likely any other) we could easily estimate how long a child had been in school by the amount of anti-social behavior, like bullying, the child brought to the group. I am not school-bashing here per se…’s just that being confined like that, with only peers and few adults and little exposure to art, science, music, nature, or one-on-one with a loving adult, can bring out the worst in people.

Click here for another review of Bully and an indictment of what isn’t being done to fix it.

I hope you will all share this blog and the links with your friends, partly to get them to see Bully, but also to show them it is a total myth that it’s homeschoolers who lack socialization!

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