Homeschooling Why and How

Homeschooling and “doing it right”

Homeschooling and “doing it right”

(from Homeschooling:  Why and How, Introduction, pgs 12-13.

….one caution I must give (and I wax a bit philosophical to say this) is that we can control our own behavior but we can’t control the outcome. We can school or homeschool, parent well or badly, be strict or permissive, and yet we do not determine the futures of our children. We can only hope to turn the odds in our favor. You may do everything “right,” and your child can have awful problems as an adult; conversely, you could do everything most would consider wrong, and yet, your child might become a happy, well-adjusted, successful adult. Nature, nurture, fate or God, and too many other variables make predicting the future with any certainty a difficult task.

What we do has more to do with ourselves and becoming and being the people we want to see in the mirror. We do this by seeking to be true to our highest values as we know them at this time and being open to changing when we see we fell short. We do our own homework, finding out what really works rather than just taking the easy way
out and relying on our indoctrinated beliefs, on what our parents did, or just doing what is convenient at the time. We do our best to treat our children as we ourselves wish
to be treated—we respect and listen to them and try to be the most kind, loving, understanding, fair parents we can be. We stumble, fail, get back up, and try again. If we do this, whatever the outcome for our children, we can sleep well at night knowing we did our best. Life is a journey, not a destination, as many have rightly said. May the journey you are taking with your children be the happiest, most fulfilling time of your lives.

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