Homeschooling Why and How


Cover of Homeschooling Why and How

I have received so many phone calls and emails from parents who ranged from curious to hopeful to desperate  that I was compelled to write this book to help others find out about homeschooling and whether it’s right for them.

Many excellent books about homeschooling are already on the market but none boil down the subject to its simple basics so that a parent can see how it really is easier than they may have thought.  Homeschooling:  Why and How will help you decide if homeschooling is right for you and if so, to be able to do it successfully.   It is a book that can be given to doubtful relatives  – and we’ve all had some of those!  Even if you decide not to homeschool at this time, you will be informed of your options should your child’s school situation deteriorate further.  And you can help your schooled child with ideas gathered from this book.

By all means read other books, too.  Some are excellent anecdotal stories.  Some are detailed in how to go about homeschooling day-to-day and year-to-year.  Some are specific to a particular approach like unschooling.  Continuing to educate and reassure ourselves is an important aspect of this adventure.  You will find a long list of good books, magazines and websites in my resources section with links to purchasing them.  But start with Homeschooling:  Why and How to get a solid basic understanding of what you need to decide and to get off to a good start.  Whatever your political, religious or academic position is, you will find this is the book to start with!

And I encourage you to email me with your questions and your successes.

Thank you to the many parents and youngsters who have written bits about themselves for my book and shared photos of homeschoolers in action.  We may all march to our own drummers, yet we are a movement whose voices will be heard and who can perhaps shed some light into the public school system so that those children can benefit from some of our discoveries about optimum learning.



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