Homeschooling Why and How

West River Academy promotes Homeschooling: Why and How

West River Academy has listed Homeschooling: Why and How first on their resource page.

Here is what the director, Peggy Webb, had to say:

Homeschooling: Why and How – by Gail Nagasako,  endorsed by John Taylor Gatto, who wrote that he “found it a model of clear thinking and clear writing.  But don’t be fooled by the directness and plain speech of her presentation; this lady knows her subject inside and out.  You’ll be glad you read her book.”.

“Well-documented, this is the book to start with or to renew your confidence if you are already homeschooling.”
Here is what a parent wrote recently that shows that she accomplished her goal:  “Hi – I received my book yesterday! I wanted to read all night… I’m enjoying it because 1. It is easy to read & 2. It’s encouraging.”

Gail told me she wrote the book partly because there is so much information everywhere that it can be daunting, knowing where to start.  Even though parents had read other books and done on-line research, they still call or email with the same basic questions.  The basics get lost in the chaos of too much information.   Homeschooling: Why and How is unique in addressing homeschooling hows and whys in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

She said she feels that her book and WRA are a perfect pairing for a successful homeschooling experience and I agree!

West River Academy is an accredited “umbrella school” that will help you homeschool in your own way and will handle all the parts of it that most homeschoolers don’t want to deal with like reports, transcripts and interfacing with school personnel.  Click here to go to their homepage.


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