Homeschooling Why and How

Who Can Homeschool

Who can homeschool?
Enjoying being with your children is probably the most important thing! Ironically though, you will likely find, as we have, that the more you are with your children, the more you enjoy them. Other qualities that are helpful to have if you intend to homeschool are curiosity, playfulness, empathy, and respect for your children and their struggle. Humility is also an extremely important quality, as is a willingness to question your beliefs and learn from your children and your mistakes. And lastly, and maybe most importantly, a good memory helps—not for facts, but for what it was like to be your child’s age.
On the flip side, some homes are so dysfunctional or intellectually impoverished that homeschooling would be difficult at best. For these families, school might provide children their best hope at rising above their family circumstances. That you are reading this book is probably proof itself that you are not in this category.
(Homeschooling: Why and How, page 52)

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