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Whole Child / Whole Parent quote

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This is my absolutely favorite parenting book (I’ve had to buy a second one as the first one was falling apart) and this is perhaps my favorite quote from it (thank you Polly!)

Whole Child/Whole Parent  by Polly Berrien Berends

“As the years go by we find ourselves telling (our children) less and learning more from them.  We also see that they learn better from our learning than they ever did from our telling.”

“It is important constantly to seek awareness of our children’s essential perfection. DESPITE ALL APPEARANCES, RUMORS, DIAGNOSES, AND EXPERIENCES TO THE CONTRARY, WE CONSTANTLY HOLD IN THE FOREFRONT OF OUR THOUGHTS THE PERFECT, WHOLE, UNMARRABLE, ESSENTIAL NATURE OF THE CHILD AND THE POWER OF LOVE TO BEAR US BOTH UP.  This is not simply wishful, positive, or magical thinking.  We do not cause good any more than we make rivers pure by not dumping garbage into them.  If we don’t dump garbage into the river its purity remains evident.  By not entertaining contrary thoughts we allow this wholeness freer expression.
“The best way to help separate someone from his mistakes is to put a credibility gap between them.  We begin by making a distinction between who they really are and who they really aren’t, conducting ourselves as much as possible in relation to the real instead of in opposition to the false.  This goes for everyone including ourselves.  We can practice and prove it with our children.”

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